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We offer software developers the best opportunity to increase sales in the region via our uniquely tailored dedicated  promotional activities aimed at medium to large businesses and organisations.


See why leading ERP Resellers are partnered with Expertech ERP to provide specialised busines solutions to mid-sized and large corporations.  List your company and key skills with us FREE and we will promote your expertise directly to end-users in the mid-range space.

END-USERS - find Software, Industry Experts and Skilled Individuals

Expertech ERP provides medium sized and large organisations with the best advice  regarding the selection of ERP, CRM and specialised software to augment and integrate with your existing systems. We offer free expert and unbiased advice. We partenr with the leading service providers and industry experts to ensure you get what you require.

About our Marketplace

Whether you are looking for an e-commerce enabled marketplace or a flexible community powered product and services catalog, Expertech ERP has a game changing solution for you. It takes substantial time and capital to build a multi-party marketplace platform but you can join our ERP Ecosystem for free and be up and running in no time without the massive costs and risks typically associated.

Our platform provides a feature rich solution well ahead of that found anywhere and enables Technology Distributors, Software Developers, SaaS / PaaS / IaaS Providers and Cloud Service Brokers to deploy your products on our marketplace and profitably drive revenue growth.

The growth in business demand for subscription based software and other services has grown exponentially in recent times and this trend is expected to continue. As a software vendor you need to provide your products and services as a subscription to remain competitive.  However, this is much easier said than done!

Expertech ERP provides a comprehensive solution that continues to support your channel and traditional products while at the same time delivering a wealth of features to keep you competitive in the subscription world at a very low cost.

About our Skills Market

For Software Resellers, we have created a Skills Marketplace to showcase the skills available in your organization and to create new opportunities for you by promoting projects requiring resources. The Skills Market helps drive new sales opportunities and improves efficiency which builds loyalty and improves the relationship with other Resellers and Customers.

For business software and ERP end-users and Customers, the our Skills Market makes it easier to find, contract and employ relevant skills and ensuring better resources and higher quality projects.

The Skills Market  also gives a view on what skills are available and how the resources are distributed across geographies and product sets. This helps to better understand market distribution and to plan skills requirements while providing intelligence on community activity.

Combined with the our Product Market and SaaS or Subscriptions Marketplaces, we provide a powerful and easy way for Customers to find, review and consume products and to then easily find the resources they need to implement and support them.

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What people who have worked with us have to say

The staff at Expertech ERP have literally turned my business around.  After a tough Strategic Planning session, we adopted some key decisions and strategies that have led to our success in bringing our products to market.  The dedication and passion shown by the Expertech ERP staff has benefited MWare tremendously.

I recently engaged Expertech ERP to distributed my BI-Metrix product and am really happy with the promotional activities they have embarked on. I have seen a dramatic increase in enquiries since they started.

Ram Hasson
Ram HassonCEOBI-Metrix, Toronto, Canada

We are a leading timber products producer based in the Eastern Cape and were about to throw out our Accpac accounting system when we were exposed to Expertech ERP via our Reseller, SC Computers. They revamped our system by adding off-the-shelf warehouse management software, barcoding our finished goods and fine-tuning our management reporting. The result has led to a sustained increase in efficiency, speed of delivery to our customers with a reduction in stock-holding. All this was achieved without the need for an expensive new system implementation.